Friday, January 23, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Book Tag

I saw this tag on booktube and since I love Jennifer Lawrence, I decided to do it!

This was creating by Michael BookLion on YouTube.

1. Growing up in Kentucky - Your favorite book set in a rural area?

Rebel Belle

I'm not completely sure where this is was set in but I do know that it takes place somewhere in the South.

2. Discovery on the streets of New York - A little known book you found while browsing and ended up loving?

City of Bones
Obviously City of Bones isn't a little known book, but I had to choose this or a little known book that I didn't find while browsing (my dad gave it to me) and since I want to keep that book my little secret I chose this. I was just browsing Barnes & Nobles when I found City of Bones. I hadn't heard of it before but I ended up loving it.

3. Swearing off social media - A book you refuse to read?

I'm someone who strongly believes in giving books a chance, even if it's something that sounds awful, so there aren't many books that I won't read. However, that's mainly my philosophy for standalones or first books in a series. Crescendo is the second book in the Hush Hush series. I read the first book and absolutely hated it; the plot was horrible, the characters annoying, and the love interest was a creep, so I definitely won't be reading the second book.

4. Beginnings on TV into film - A series that gets  better with each installment?

Daughter of Smoke & Bone
Daughter of Smoke & Bone is one of my all-time favorite series. All of the books are amazing and they really do get better with each installment.

5. The Oscar trip - A book/series that hit a snag?

The Selection
I enjoyed The Selection but the other two books weren't my favorite. I got very annoyed by the main characters and it was too romance heavy for me.

6. Jlaw and Chris Martin - Favorite book by a collaboration of authors?

My True Love Game To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories
This was such a fun book! There are 12 different authors and while I didn't like a few of the stories this was definitely a great collaboration.

7. Work with David O. Rusell - Dysfunction character you can't help but love?

No clue.

8. Mystique - A villain who thinks they're doing what's right?

Valentine Morgenstern
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Valentine Morgenstern is the villain of the first three books in the Mortal Instruments. I thought he was a great villain and he really did believe that he was doing what's right because of what happened in his past.

9. The Hunger Games - Favorite high profile series?

Divergent is another one of my favorite series. It's so interesting and I love the characters!

10. Everything she's ever said - Favorite comedic/snarky character?

Will Herondale
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<333333. Will Herondale is perf and his snark just makes him ever better.

And that's the tag. Thanks for reading!

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