Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Most Frustrating Characters | Top 5 Wednesday

Today's Top 5 Wednesday topic is top 5 most frustrating characters!

America Singer - The Selection

In the first book I didn't mind America at all, but as the series went on I got more and more frustrated with her. The only thing important in her life was choosing which guy she should wanted to be with. Her indecisiveness was extremely annoying and not understandable. I just wanted her to pick a guy and be done with it.

Tobias Eaten - Allegiant

Both Tris and Tobias were annoying in Allegiant but Tobias was more annoying. Throughout the book he would not stop complaining and whining about how he's not special anymore. Boo hoo get over it. I loved Tobias in Divergent and Insurgent. He was one of my favorite characters but in Allegiant I wanted to punch him.

Anastasia Steele - Fifty Shades of Grey

Ana was such a weak and cowardly character. She refused to stand up for herself and I wanted to scream at her. She let people do whatever they want with her and had no personality.

Cress - Cress

Cress gave me so much second-hand embarrassment. Literally, every other thing she did made me cringe. There were many moments where I had to put the book down for a few minutes because the embarrassment was too much.

Kristina Snow - Crank

Oh my god I hated Kristina. She made bad decision after bad decision. I felt Ellen Hopkins was trying way too hard to tell people about the consequences of drugs. I couldn't even get through the second book because Kristina couldn't do anything right.

Those are my top 5 most frustrating characters. What are yours?:)


  1. I agree with Anastasia Steele. I should have known she would drive me crazy thought because this is Twilight fan fiction and I couldn't stand Bella either.