Monday, February 23, 2015

Yucca Valley | My Experience

This past week I spent 8 days in Yucca Valley in Southern California.

the gorgeous house we stayed at

My school district gives students and teachers a break in the middle of February so my family and I drove down to spend our week in the desert.

the view from our house
I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It was a beautiful house and a beautiful place. If you're looking for somewhere to relax in solitude and just chill, I recommend Yucca Valley. If you're looking for a racially diverse place with lots of activities...I'd search elsewhere.

an incredibly artistic photo of my shadow
About 20 minutes from Yucca Valley is the Joshua National Park (photos below). We planned to go there every day for hikes. We went once. It was beautiful, hot, tiring, and fun.

We didn't do much else there. It was a work-vacation for my parents, so my sister and I mostly stayed in the house and watched Netflix.

food from BBQ
One of the things we did do was eat. One of the places we went to was Papa's Barbecue. The food was pretty good, not the best but good enough. However, the service wasn't satisfactory. Our server was clearly racist towards us. To my family and I, she was very grumpy and rude but to other people (specifically white people), she was very friendly and conversational.

amazing pizza place
A restaurant with good food and good service was Pie for the People. If you're near Yucca Valley or Joshua Tree, this place is a must. They have incredibly delicious pizza (I forgot to take pictures) and the people working there are very friendly and clearly love their job.

photo credit
Another thing we did was go to the Palm Springs VillageFest: a weekly open-air market. There vendors sell all sorts of things from jewelry to bath bombs to toys. The food was a bit disappointing for a fair and I had a lot of anxiety because of all the people, so I couldn't enjoy the market to its fullest. Nevertheless, it's a nice place to hang out (and there's pretty jewelry).
the necklace I bought at VillageFest
While I won't be going back there again, I had a wonderful vacation in Yucca Valley!

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