Friday, May 1, 2015

April Reading Wrap Up

This month I read 4 novels and 4 graphic novels!

The first book I read this month was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I really ejoyed this book! It was gripping and fun to read through. I really liked the characters and the plot. I enjoyed how the love triangle wasn't the main focus of the novel. The main reason it's not a 4 or 5 stars is because of the amount of similarities to other dystopian novels. It's basically what The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Selection, and Shadow & Bone would be if they were smushed into one book. The worldbuilding could have been better as well. 3.5/4 Full review here.

The next book I read was The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. I mean I didn't hate it. There's a lot of hype, underserved hype, surrounding this book. the premise of the story is interesting but nothing special. The first 230 pages were pretty good but then it went downhill. The world building was really weak and romance was so superficial. The characters were more character tropes than actual characters and were very one-dimensional. Life is too short for mediocre books so I wouldn't recommend reading this. 2.75/5 Full review here.

Next I read the graphic novel, Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez. The story was somewhat interesting but I wasn't a huge fan of the art style so I'm not sure if I'll continue the series. 3/5

This was such a short and sweet coming of age graphic novel! 4/5 Review here.

As a big fan of the Infernal Devices and the Shadowhunter Chronicles in general, I was so excited to read the manga version of Clockwork Angel! It definitely didn't disappoint. It stayed very true to the book and was a great adaptation. 4/5

I loved Rebel Belle so I had high hopes for Miss Mayhem. Unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed. I felt the book was really out of place and not a great sequel, however, I did really enjoy reading it! 4/5 Full review here.

This was a really interesting graphic memoir! I though the story was great as well as the art. 4/5

This was a mostly interesting book but I thought it could've been better. 3.5/5 Review here.

Well thoseare the books I read this month! Let me know what you read:)

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