Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Lunar Chronicles Series Review

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I just finished Cress this morning and thought I would write a full series review.

4/5 stars

Overall, I liked this book. It was a really interesting take on the Cinderella story. I never really liked Cinderella because she was so weak but in this retelling she was a lot stronger. However, there were points where she just refused to stand up for herself and it annoyed me so much. I also really liked how the government in this book wasn't something to be afraid of. For once in a YA novel, I actually wanted the current government to stay in power. The backstory of the Earth and the Lunars and how everything came to be was really interesting as well.

What I didn't like was the ending. I felt it was too abrupt. And the "plot twist" at the end was so obvious. 50 pages in and I already new what the plot twist was. Kai and Cinder's relationship also didn't make much sense. They barely spent any time together and it was just too quick. Kai just suddenly started pining after her and I think it would have been a lot better were Kai more involved and not just there for most of the book. Even though he said he wanted to change things, he wasn't actively doing it. He was mostly complaining.

4/5 stars

Scarlet was such an improvement from Cinder. I did enjoy Cinder but this was definitely better. I really liked the characters in Scarlet. Cinder (the character) annoyed me a lot in Cinder (the book) but she was so much more badass in this one. I liked Cinder and Scarlet equally but I liked Scarlet and Wolf's relationship better than Cinder and Kai's. There's just something about the whole "mysterious bad boy" quality Wolf has that appeals to me. And Kai and Cinder's relationship never felt real to me. Kai also had more of a personality in this book but I wish we got to see more of him. When Thorne was introduced I was a bit weary but overall I think he added a fun element to the novel and he reminded me a lot of Captain Jack Sparrow. I think these books are a lot more about the characters themselves than about the plot but it's still really interesting. I really liked how everything connected in this book and how the ending was a proper ending.The way the story left all the characters was really satisfying and I'm super excited to read Cress. The only negative thing I have to say is that the beginning was a bit slow and it took me a while to get into it but other than that I loved it.

4/5 stars

This was a very frustrating but entertaining book. I got so much second-hand embarrassment from Cress. Literally every other thing she did made me cringe. Wolf really annoyed me in this book. He was very whiny and mopy, I get why but still. I really wish we got to see more of Scarlet in this one. I also felt that Thorne and Cress's relationship was very superficial. It just didn't make sense to me and then the sudden character development towards the end was strange. What I did like, however, was Cress's badass hacker skills; that was pretty freaking cool. The whole book was pretty action-packed and there were no boring parts. We got a glimpse of Winter and I'm really excited to find out more about her. She seems very interesting and I have a feeling she might be my favorite character. There was one scene at the end that was just sooo cute and the way it ended makes me look forward to Winter. 


This is a really fun series. It has its flaws and definitely isn't one my favorites but I would highly recommend it. It's action-packed, has (a very small amount) of romance, and is overall very interesting. I love Marissa Meyer's spin on the fairy tales. I cannot wait for Winter. I just wish I didn't have to wait 14 months for it... :(

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